Women of Steel

So. Last night. Talk about surreal.

I played Sheffield Shanty accompanied by Cornerstone Brass Band, which was a bit special for me. Thanks Damian and everyone!:

And then Katherine & Hannah joined me for Roving Woman:

We danced on stage with Tony Christie, as you do:

And I got to meet Graham Fellows aka John Shuttleworth (that’s my John Shuttleworth face, by the way):

See more photos over here.

Over £50k was raised for the Women of Steel statue appeal and I’m really looking forward to being able to point to the statue when it goes up and say I helped put it there. Now let’s all enjoy St Elmo’s Fire again, cos that ain’t ever getting out of my head today. I wanna see fists in the air, people:

Next up: The Lantern Theatre on 22 Dec