Lyric Festival tickets on sale



This is going to be wonderful.

I was delighted to be asked to play this year’s Lyric Festival, at the University of Sheffield’s beautiful red-brick Firth Court in May. I’m making plans for an extra special set for the occasion, with help from Katherine and Hannah, and also Oliver Allchin on lapsteel and additional guitar.

You can find out more about the festival, which also features Benjamin Zephaniah, Simon Armitage and Sinead Morrissey here.

Tickets (only £6) are available here.

Sheffield Music Map

I recorded an audio tour of some of my favourite Sheffield places this week, for Sensoria’s Sheffield Music Map. I talked about the Arts Tower, 2Fly Studios and the Raynor Lounge among other places and dug out a bunch of photos and videos taken in various places across the city, including the Bloodline video, which is a mini tour in itself…


My involvement was part of a project to put more of Sheffield’s musical women on the map. You can follow the project’s progress on twitter and the new audio tours will be launched on the site early in the summer.


Lyric Festival & Zine Fest

I’m more than pleased to announce I’ll be playing at this year’s Lyric Festival, which will be taking place from 15-17 May. More details to come soon, including my own performance plans.

Before that, Katherine and I will be playing a very short unplugged set upstairs in the Rutland as part of Sheffield Zine Fest. Free entry, Sat 15 March.

Now back to painting and listening to Dory Previn…


Lecture material & magpies

A lovely thing happened to me today: the lyrics from Wasted were used in a linguistics lecture on empathy at Nottingham Uni.

Here it is again, released almost four years ago today.


I’ve been watching a magpie couple build their nest over the last few days, in the same tree as last year. They keep choosing sticks that are too long to fly with, so they have to hop from branch to branch to get them up there. I like their stubbornness. I read that magpies tend to stay near where they were born; it’s comforting to think they might have lived in that tree for years.

magpie nest

Made me think of this too: