A final farewell to MSTU, and another impending farewell

Our Casket Letters reunion weekend is over, and that’s that for Monkey Swallows the Universe! We had the best time and we were really touched by how many people came out to see us play those songs one last time on Friday at Sheffield City Hall and at Indietracks Festival yesterday (where we were hastily moved to the indoor stage at the last minute due to torrential rain!).


Thanks to Greg Povey, Anya Portus and Steve Vickers for these pics. You can see some more photos and a couple of video clips from Friday over on my Facebook page.

We are down to the very last few MSTU albums – get them here while they last!

I’ve got one more (solo) gig coming up before I go into some kind of retirement (having a baby / going back to uni part-time – there’s not going to be much time for music in the foreseeable future!) so please come and see me if you can on 23rd August at Gulliver’s in Manchester, supporting the incredible Laura Gibson.

I’ve also reduced some prices in my bandcamp store.

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2 thoughts on “A final farewell to MSTU, and another impending farewell

  1. Hi Nat,
    After hearing about your imminent hiatus, musically speaking, I wanted to send a few thoughts your way as someone who has followed your music from the time I first heard ‘Martin’ through to ‘Certain Death’ ……. and hopefully one final song before the break?
    I was listening to a compilation I did ages ago of some more obscure MTSU tracks, who can forget ‘Bouncing Bomb’, ‘If Batman came from Sheffield’ and your great cover of ‘Giddy Stratospheres’ and realised what an important part in my life your music has played and wanted to thank you for that on behalf of myself and countless others who feel the same.
    Not having new Nat Johnson songs for the foreseeable future is going to take some getting used to but I’ll be keeping a keen eye out in the future for any news of your re-emergence back into our musical lives and I’m sure the wait will be well worth it.
    Finally, can I wish you a fruitful, fulfilling and successful future in your ‘private Nat Johnson life’ and hope it’s everything you would wish it to be.
    So a final thanks for a great back catalogue and for being so welcoming when I spoke to you after your Birmingham gig on the Neighbour of the Year tour.
    So I’ll raise a glass to wish you well as ‘The Scottish Song’ starts to play in the background.
    Ps I still wear my ‘Dirty Rotten Soul’ badge with pride!

    • Thank you Jeff, that’s really kind of you. And a big thanks for all your support over the years. It means a lot to know there are people who have followed me all the way through.

      All the best to you and yours

      PS Those other 2 songs you mention were covers too – the whole set was covers that day! (Bouncing Bomb by the Scarlet Tuesday and If Batman… by The Friends of Batman).

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