My Dog has been unleashed! Here’s the video from Fettle Animation:

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I really really hope you enjoy it, and thank you in advance for listening! If you want to make me extra happy you could share the vid with other potential dog lovers.

I’ll be writing later this week about the inspiration behind the song, and also about the production, so keep an eye here or on my twitter/facebook if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Thank you to Dave Sanderson at 2Fly, Nick Watson at Fluid Mastering, Kath Shackleton and the team at Fettle Animation, all the DJs who have given it airplay so far and the dog walkers of Rivelin Valley Park.


Here is my painting of my childhood pal, Louie. You’ll be able to buy limited edition A5 prints of Louie from Monday.  They’ll be available at Dog’s Birthday Party in Bird’s Yard and I’ll also make some available from here.


Below is me with Louie in about 1986. Louie never like having his photo taken. He was a bit of a wimp really and was relentlessly bullied by our cat, Fritz, who would lie in wait for Louie behind an armchair and pounce as the poor daft dog walked into the room.


Louie was very excitable and we had lots of adventures. His fur was silky, but he would get big tangled lugs in his ears when we’d been out in the park. His worst quality was his love of rolling in rotten things when we were out on walks. Poor pup got hit by a car when he was seven and I was nine.

From my schoolbook – Louie and me watching Dogtanian together:


DOG unleashed 5th May!

My new single “DOG” will be unleashed on Monday 5th May! It’ll be available via iTunes and Bandcamp and you’ll also be able to follow the adventures of Pup Johnson in a new animated video. Until then, SIT.

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