Without Feathers: It’s REAL


See, we’re on Facebook and everything! See/hear for yourself:

I am VERY excited about this. Of course I am, I’m getting to make music with two of my favourite musicians and good friends, Emma Kupa & Rory McVicar. Happy Nat.

The Newcastle gig is in some kind of tower in the city walls which I’ve never been in before, that’s pretty exciting too. And Norwich sees us in the appropriately named Birdcage. Figurehead Chris’ new band Public School Battalion will be supporting in Sheffield – they’ve got a new demo out to download here.

And if anyone was wondering about the name, I borrowed it from Woody Allen (via Emily Dickinson – “Hope is the thing with feathers”).

I’m over here

Hello. This is my new website blog wotsit.

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It made sense (to me at least) to separate some stuff out and keep the Figureheads site over here. (There’s a bit of Figureheads stuff on the way but it’s not ready yet, so wait please.)

Aside from that, I can tell you this much: as some of you know, I’ve been doing shows as ‘Nat, John & Son’ with Emma and Katherine since our appearance at Sheffield Cathedral last summer. We like it and we want to do it some more. You can hear our version of Connie Converse’s ‘Roving Woman’ over here.

I’m also planning some shows in some as yet undefined collaborative form with Emma and Rory McVicar. We’re called Without Feathers. Dates appearing before your eyes.

Recording-wise, I’m working on solo material. I’m excited about this, even though it’s early days.

So, as you can see, there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on but all you get at the minute is this new website. I might post some drawings or something to keep you mildly entertained until music happens.