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From the forthcoming album, “Neighbour of the Year”, comes the folk/country adventure, “DOG”.

Nat was inspired by the many happy dog walkers in Sheffield’s Rivelin Valley Park. Whilst dogless herself, Nat knows it’s important to walk.

Nat is also selling limited edition prints of her painting of childhood dog, Louie.

Video by Fettle Animation.

Read about the inspiration behind the song here. And you can find Nat’s production notes here.


If I had a dog, I’d call him to me
And we would forget about work and everything

And I would run and he would run
And I would call and he would come

If I had a dog, I’d tell him my name
And we would forget about money and everything

And I would throw and he would go
And I would talk and he would know

It’s important to walk
There are friends yet to meet
My dog says “Forget about it!”
My dog says “Let’s run in the woods”

I will run and he will run
I will call and he will come

released 05 May 2014
Written by Nat Johnson
Produced by Dave Sanderson at 2Fly Studios, Sheffield
Mastered by Nick Watson at Fluid, London

20 thoughts on “DOG

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  2. For a dog lover like me, I own 2, and a fan of Nat for years this is an absolute treat. Awesome song and a very moving video. I love it!

  3. A really beautiful song… I want a dog! Shared the link with my best friend in Poland to hopefully use in her English lesson! Hope you don’t mind.

  4. My 3 and 6 year old girls LOVE this song. We are currently watching the video and singing along every night as part of our goodnight songs. Thanks for a wonderful bonding song! (FYI we don’t have a dog, but the girls would love one. We live in East Timor at the moment so can’t get one as I don’t think we could get it back into Australia!) Thank you for such a loving, whimsical, touching song.

    • Hi Sam, yes of course:
      Verse: Em, D
      Chorus: G, D, Em , C
      Bridge: Bm, D, G

      I play it with a capo on the second fret though, so starting with a D minor shape for the Em and a C shape for the D. Hope this helps!

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