Free album!

The full set from Sunday’s third and final performance of Roving Women is now available on Bandcamp for free/pay what you want:

Roving Women: Nat Johnson plays Connie Converse (live at the Lexington with Cornerstone Brass)

1. One by One
2. Roving Woman
3. Trouble
4. How Sad, How Lovely
5. Empty Pocket Waltz
6. Talkin’ Like You
7. There is a Vine
8. Lonely in the Dark (Johnson)
9. Down This Road
10. Fortune’s Child
11. Sorrow is my Name
12. Condor (Johnson)
Encore – All This (Johnson)

Enjoy! And please share, that’s what this project was all about from the get go – sharing these songs with as many people as possible.

Videos coming soon too, keep an eye out here or on facebook/twitter.

With thanks to the Lexington, Delia Sparrow and Ed Cartledge. Pic by Katia from Women Produce Music:


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