I Can’t See You

Here’s “I Can’t See You” from the new album.

A few people have asked me why we don’t do this one live. It’s because it’s made up of several layers of my voice and guitar, and to create a live version we’d have to quite significantly alter the arrangement/instrumentation to fit the band, which in my mind would change the song quite a lot. I like it how it is too much to do that but maybe one day we’ll give it a go and see if it’s better than I imagine. We’ll see!

Lyrically, this is the part in the anxiety cycle that came after the really low point of ‘I’ve Been Shot’, but at a time when I was experiencing some┬ápanic attacks and – as you can hear pretty plainly – when I wasn’t feeling myself at all. But at least I knew I wasn’t myself and I knew there was a better, happier me I had to find again.

This is the one that I wanted to sound like it could be in a Tim Burton film too – those harmonies towards the end.

The mirror’s wrong (Are my eyes open yet?)
It’s not my face (I saw you turn away)

I can’t see you (stopped dead in the road with your hand over your mouth)
I can’t see you (just glass I’m looking through)

I let her go (she wasn’t having fun with me)
She’s been around (come back, you took the best of me)

I can’t see you (you melt off the curb with the last of the snow)
I can’t see you (just glass I’m looking through)

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