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‘Sheffield Shanty II’ (Monkey Swallows the Universe 10 year anniversary single, Feb 2016):

‘Not Now, Horse’ (from Neighbour of the Year, 2014):

DOG‘ 2014 (from Neighbour of the Year, 2014):

‘All This’ live at the Lexington with Cornerstone Brass, 2015


‘The Liberty System’ EP (2016)
Ltd edition handmade CD, iTunes or Bandcamp. Shop.


‘Lonesome Lake’ EP (2015). 
Ltd edition handmade CD (SOLD OUT), iTunes or Bandcamp. Shop.
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‘Neighbour of the Year’ album (2014)
Available on clear 10″ vinyl, cd or digital. Shop.
“A treat for fans of PJ Harvey and Alela Diane” – Subba Cultcha
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Album cover by Ella Osborne

Nat Johnson & the Figureheads:

‘No Connections’ (Nat Johnson & the Figureheads, 2013):


I’m Across, I’m Ashore  CD LP / Digital (Thee SPC, 2012)
“One pleasant surprise after another; like Christmas but without the sofa adverts. Not only does it stand up well against any of her previous work, in many ways it’s her finest achievement so far.” – Counterfeit Magazine


‘Hedgehunter’ from I’m Across, I’m Ashore (Nat Johnson & the Figureheads, 2012):

 ‘I Know I’m Good’ from I’m Across, I’m Ashore (Nat Johnson & the Figureheads, 2012):

‘Straw & Hay’ from I’m Across, I’m Ashore (Nat Johnson & the Figureheads, 2012):

What the Heart Pours Into mp3 EP (Damaged Goods, 2011) Wav version
“Three pieces of the sort of classy, guitar pop music that the likes of Emma Pollock craft. The sort that’s often overlooked for more showy stage-schooled shenanigans. But only by the daft.” – Sounds XP

‘Mick Kelly’ from What the Heart Pours Into (Nat Johnson & the Figureheads, 2011): 

Roman Radio  album (Damaged Goods, 2009)
“Johnson’s voice is honey-thick, bitter yet gentle, and captivatingly subtle, and the music she’s penned to back Roman Radio perfectly complements the atmosphere. The bluesy ‘Dirty Rotten Soul’ should have been a radio hit, while the slow-burning crooner ‘This Tide Will Turn’ is a sharp jerk away from the habits acquired during her stint in Monkey Swallows The Universe.” – Wears the Trousers

‘All This’, from Roman Radio (Nat Johnson & the Figureheads, 2009):

Wasted 7″ single (Damaged Goods, 2010)


Wonderful Emergency 7″ single (Damaged Goods, 2009)


 ‘Dirty Rotten Soul’ solo single, 2008


Monkey Swallows the Universe:

Sheffield Shanty II / Groucho‘ (Straw & Hay, 2016)
Digital-only single to mark 10 years since the release of The Bright Carvings iTunes / Bandcamp

single sq2


The Casket Letters CD LP (Loose, 2007)
“Sheffield’s loveliest band. ****” – The Guardian
“Ravishing. ****” – The Sun


The Bright Carvings CD LP (Thee SPC, 2006)
“Monkey Swallows the Universe carve out a niche between Mazzy Star and Belle & Sebastian to create a quirky pop-acoustic sound which feels like coming home.” – Drowned in Sound


‘Sheffield Shanty’ from The Bright Carvings (Monkey Swallows the Universe, 2006):