MSTU Scrapbook Volume II

Ahead of our last EVER (we mean it this time) Monkey Swallows the Universe gigs at the end of this month, I’ve been going through the nostalgia files from mid-2006 to our last gigs in Feb 2008. Take a look over here.

At the launch of The Casket Letters, Aug 2007. By Lucy Davies

We’re playing our second album, The Casket Letters, in full at Sheffield City Hall Ballroom on Fri 28th July. Tickets here.

And a set of our favourites at Indietracks Festival, Derbyshire, on Sun 30th July.

Reviews for The Casket Letters from 2007:
“Bloodline is reminiscent of Stereolab’s Ping Pong, but MSTU’s heart still lies with stripped-down folk, Nat Johnson’s gorgeous vocals draped over acoustic guitars, cello and violin. The band are ghostly on Gravestones and giddy on Matterhoney’s waltzing pop, but it’s their maturity and restraint that impresses.” – The Guardian ****

“In the wrong hands this could be all too saccharine, but singer Nat Johnson has a voice that can do withering as well as whimsical…proof there’s more than one primate-monickered South Yorkshire outfit worth listening to.” – NME

“Beneath the cosy wool can lurk some nasty, if always softly spoken, surprises. This Sheffield band’s lovely second album abounds with these, wrapping Nat Johnson’s at times vaguely Smiths-like melodies and beautiful, Tracey Thornesque voice in lovely, lilting folk-pop.” – The Times

“On their ravishing second album, you can’t help but think The Beautiful South – but there’s no doubt this lot are way cooler.” – The Sun

“Aimed at fans of The Decemberists, this would be equally satisfying to fans of The Beautiful South. And that’s more of a compliment than it sounds.” – Independent on Sunday

Support at City Hall comes fromĀ The Perfect English Weather, aka Simon and Wendy from The Popguns:
The Perfect English Weather are Simon and Wendy Pickles, a duo from Brighton taking a break between Popguns records to create a slightly more reflective and partly acoustic collection of songs on their new album, Isobar Blues. The subject matter covers the usual concerns of wet afternoons imprisoned in seaside cafes, conversations with cats, and weekend adventures to cancelled Morrissey concerts. Inspired by the unjaded love of a great pop song, the result is grown up music for those who still prefer a karaoke party to a dinner party!

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