Neighbour/Dog Combo Power Up

“You don’t need a dog to run in the woods, to talk to the trees and the birds” – My neighbour, Mike

I’ve gone on a fair bit about both¬†dogs and neighbours over the last year, but get ready for this…it’s all come together:

I arrived home yesterday to find that one of my neighbours, Mike, had posted a card through my door. Not only was the card full of kind words about¬†Dog, it also contained a CD. Mike had written a sort of response song to mine. I went to thank him earlier today (and of course I gave him a Neighbour of the Year sticker) and to ask if he would mind if I shared the song with you. Here’s Mike’s song, ‘Beware of the Dog’:


Thank you Mike (and Gillian too!)

Let’s look at that picture of my friends’ dog Ace wearing my hat again shall we?


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