Neighbour of the Year

The new album, out now on 10″ clear vinyl, CD and digital.

“Dark debut a treat for fans of PJ Harvey and Alela Diane.” – Subba Cultcha
“A very beautiful record indeed.” – Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music
“Genuine and irresistible.” – Now ThenNat Johnson Neighbour of the Year

Title track ‘Neighbour of the Year’ has been both Janice Long’s ‘Janice Loves’ song on BBC Radio 2 and Lauren Laverne’s ‘Headphones Moment’ on BBC 6music, with further spins for various album tracks across 6 music courtesy of Gideon Coe, Steve Lamacq and Tom Ravenscroft.

Available from good record shops around the UK including Rough Trade in London and Notttingham, Piccadilly in Manchester, Record Collector / HMV / Tonearm in Sheffield, Tall Bird in Chesterfield & many more.

Buy online from Cargo Records, Amazon and direct from Nat on Bandcamp or at upcoming shows. Digital album also available on iTunes7Digital and others.

Tracklisting: 1. Not Now, Horse 2. March, March 3. I’ve Been Shot 4. I Can’t See You 5. Neighbour of the Year 6. DOG 7. Shelter


“9.3/10” – Backseat Mafia
“A clear labour of love, at once deeply personal and entirely relatable. A triumph.” – For the Rabbits

7 thoughts on “Neighbour of the Year

  1. Just purchased “Neighbor of the Year” Nat. Looking forward to spending some time with it. Hopefully you tour the states soon. 🙂 Cheers and Merry Christmas, Craig.

  2. I love your song about Dog, I am learning to play the ukulele and think it would be not too hard for me to learn it to sing to my dog and my uke class. Any chance of obtaining the words and chords,? I would be happy to buy them. This song pulled at my heart strings, I am a recent widow and have this lovely puppy, becoming dog, to live with me now and also I spent my early years in Nottingham, until I left to emigrate with my family to Canada. I found your song on Brain Pickings a great site. Thanks Susan

    • Hello Susan, sorry for the delay. I’m really glad you like the song and I’m also very sorry for your loss.

      Verse: Em & D
      Chorus: G, D, Em, C
      Mid 8: Bm/F#, D, G

      If I had a dog, I’d call him to me
      And we would forget about work and everything

      And I would run and he would run
      And I would call and he would come

      If I had a dog, I’d tell him my name
      And we would forget about money and everything

      And I would throw and he would go
      And I would talk and he would know

      It’s important to walk; there are friends yet to meet
      My dog says ‘forget about it!’
      My dog says ‘let’s run in the woods’

      I would run and he would run…

      That’s it! Good luck with the ukelele version.

  3. Dear Nat, I thirst heard you doing course. I researched web and found your songs. I got in love with your music. Would be really happy to attend live concert but as I live in Poland I am not shure if it ever happens unless you decide to visit my country 🙂 I wish you good luck with your music career! Keep doing what you love because it makes people happy!

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