Here’s a live performance of ‘Shelter’, the closing track on the new album.

It’s pretty much identical to the album version, as that’s how I recorded it in the studio; me and my guitar, one take. It felt like that was the only way to record this song.

It’s a song of gratitude, the gratitude I felt towards my home and my husband when I looked back on this particular year in which I wrote the album; a year that started with a car crash* seconds after I felt an overwhelming conviction that ‘everything was going to be alright’. A year that saw me spend a lot of time sheltering in our house as things went from bad to worse with a series of shitty events, but a year that I’d eventually pull myself through, thanks to the security and comfort I could rely on at home.

*only the car got hurt. We walked away (with just a small cut on my hand), dusted ourselves off, left the written-off car in a ditch by the road and made it to Rory McVicar‘s wedding only a couple of hours late. I had a delayed shock reaction a day or so later, but at the time we were determined to get to that wedding rather than sitting by the road for the rest of the day waiting for the recovery services and feeling upset. Life’s too short for that.


That’s one enormous sky, there
I’ll peer out from your arms, here
We grow slow as grass; don’t rush
And you, with your serious voice, shhhh

My lily-coloured love, don’t say too much
But pull my bones apart from their velvet clutch
In the middle of your heart I laid my touch
In a bid for survival

Since the moment I said everything was alright
I have been sheltering in our house
As a curse storms about
A curse storms about and I open a window
I’m dying to get out these days

But there’s so much to be learned from staying in
And waiting for my love to cover my skin
In the middle of my heart a truth’s growing
I am oak

A curse storms about and I open a window
I’m dying to get out these days

And you’re the only one who’s seen in my head
You pull me off the floor and put me to bed
In the middle of the room you held me and said shhhh

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