Springtime Listening

It’s been a good Easter weekend in my world; filled with friends, beer, pizza and warm weather. I’ve been out walking in the Peak District today. Here’s the view of Ladybower Reservoir from up on Bamford Edge:
Bamford Edge

Ladybower Reservoir:

And a toad I met on the reservoir path:

An hour or so before I met the toad, I’d already been thinking how I’m late this year in reading Some Thoughts on the Common Toad, a short essay that George Orwell wrote in 1946 which I like to revisit each year, about how the joys of Spring are untaxable, unpreventable, untouchable by government. “The pleasures of Spring are available to everybody, and cost nothing.” (Speaking of government, I shall quickly plug next Saturday’s gig – tickets available without booking fee from the Green Party shop. Seamless).┬áIt’s a wonderful couple of pages anyway.

I returned to guest co-host The Breakdown on Saturday on Sheffield Live, though after spending all of Friday at a beer festival I wasn’t at my best, let’s say. You can listen to the full show here, but here’s what I played:

1. Houndstooth – Amelia
2. Emma Kupa – Punch a Door Through (though I meant to play Consequences!)
3. Idaho – The Sun is All There Is

4. Daniel Knox – White Oaks Mall

5. The Gentle Good – A Man Made of Moss
6. The Gentle Good – Yr Wylan Fry (see him in Sheffield on 9 May)
7. Diane Cluck – Sara (see me support Diane in Manchester on 29 April)

If we’d had another hour, I’d have also included these:
“My eyes are listening to some sounds that I think just might be Springtime” – Painting Box by the Incredible String Band:

Elvis Perkins – While You Were Sleeping

Van Morrison – Madame George

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